Alvin Foo


Having been in the photography industry for more than 7 years, Alvin has a wealth of experience to share with his fellow photography enthusiasts. He is highly passionate about visual story-telling and has worked on personal and commissioned projects around the world. In 2012, he was accepted into London College of Communication to pursue a Master’s degree in Photojournalism. His work has been exhibited in London, UK and featured in various International media.

In 2013, he was awarded the prestigious Distinction of Associateship with the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS). Today, he heads Canon Imaging Academy with a team of talented instructors to bring the wholesome experience of photography to the masses.

Lance Leong


Based in Singapore, Lance Leong has been a resident instructor with Canon since 2006,

Besides daily multi-disciplinary aspects at work to educate/inspire beginners and hobbyists, Lance travels and document various cultures and lifestyles - of places that he'd never imaged.

As an individual, Lance strongly believes there is beauty in elements of humanity and life. With a never-say-die mindset, he continues to frame through his viewfinder to gather a body of work that reveals life in our wonderful world from unguarded moments to conceptual themes.

Since 2008, Lance has been organising and co-leading numerous travel photography workshops across Southeast Asia and China. This year, he was commissioned by Destination New South Wales and Bangkok Airways for travel photography collaborations respectively.

Nugene Chiang


Nugene has spent the past 15 years learning the craft of photography, and he believes there’s no end to learning. He started as a commercial photographer’s assistant and learned the ways of film-based photography, before moving on to digital format with a image bank company in 2005.

There he was exposed to a wide range of photography projects such as lifestyle, food, product, people, travel, education, medical, spa, and has travelled to numerous countries for photo shoots.

His work has also represented many ads for banks, telcos, magazines, etc. He holds a Degree in Fine Art photography from LaSalle-College of the Arts and is now a resident trainer with Canon Singapore.

David Lawrence Lim


Taking good photographs begins with making a good coffee. It helps if one is prepared to help carry equipment, paint the walls and sweep the floor too. So discovered Lawrence Lim, who decided to step out of his comfort zone and pursue a career in video and photography over a decade ago.

Having worked on film, video and photography sets, Lawrence has garnered a wealth of experience in all three genres, with especial fondness for lighting. Lighting, whether natural or artificial, is key to an inspiring image.

He has captured a multitude of life's most memorable moments. His photographs have been published in various magazines, while his videos can be seen on TV. The way he sees it, an image - still or moving, fabricated or documented - is all about reflecting personal vision and aspiration.

Joseph Goh


Joseph is an international award-winning photographer. As an Associate of Master Photographers Association (UK) & The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, he has achieved various accolades from The Master Photographers Association (UK), International Photography Awards (US), FEP European Professional Photographer Awards and recently, he has been crowned the Hasselblad Masters 2014.

Since 2009, he has clinched numerous awards in international photography competitions. Driven by the urge to make his mark, he’s spent the time since then acquiring the skills he needs to run his business and entering numerous international competitions, success in which has helped him to acquire an international reputation. He has also taken part in many exhibitions, while his work has been widely published in magazines all around the world.

Joseph Mak


Guided by his passion for both photography and travelling, Joseph Mak enjoys discovering many of the greatest vistas around the world. He enjoys sharing that experience with others by capturing the beautiful landscapes via the lense of a camera.

Joseph's guiding principle is to "Respect the work of others, so that people will respect you. At the same time, same place, we talk wholly unique photographs, because you and I possess unique purview on the world. Everyone has a different perspective of things and each views the same subject matter differently. That is the joy of travelling and capturing the moment"

Zinkie Aw


Zinkie Aw’s flavour of street photography takes on the banal with a quirky twist, often captured in vibrant colour palettes. Her documentary and conceptual photo series are flamboyant ways in which she thinks aloud, and these concern issues that are close to her heart that she wants to share with the world.

Her work has been widely published internationally. Her single photograph ‘Crow Feet and Misters’ was commended in the International Street Photography Awards (2014). Her work ‘Eye’ was a finalist in the Kuala Lumpur Photo Awards (Portraits), exhibited at Petronas Twin Towers.

Julian W.


Privileged to dabble in photography from a relative young age, Julian’s long track record has seen him tackle various subjects from the many clients that he has worked with.

With a great passion for sharing, Julian is always ready to impart his knowledge and know-hows to fellow photographers. He has held countless workshops, photo trips, talks and exhibitions and have represented major brands as Ambassador in his creative career so far.  With his extensive experience, Julian is often invited to judge at photo competitions.

Renowned as a nature and wildlife photographer, Julian leads regular trips to bring enthusiasts to Nature’s wonderful playgrounds.

Shavonne Wong


Shavonne Wong is an award-winning photographer based in Singapore. As a fashion photographer, her field of specialization functions as an avenue for her to express and cultivate this interest, specifically in producing images that capture the heart, soul and character of a person beyond that of the outward appearance. It also give her the chance to work with other amazingly talented people and for prominent brands, while photographing exquisite clothing and gorgeous models.

Her style is raw, dreamy with a wonderful mixture of everything enthralling readers on publications such as Tatler, JUICE, Lifestyle and W25 mazagines.